Experimental Picture Sleeve

In the mid-60s RCA Canada experimented with issuing picture sleeves for their records, but these were nothing at all like an American-style picture sleeve. They were just the ordinary paper sleeves and a black and white picture of the artist replaced the usual die-cut centre. Information, in English and French, was included on the back of the sleeve. A handful of Elvis red label 45s were issued with such a sleeve, here's a list of the known sleeves:

47-8585 Such An Easy Question/It Feels So Right

47-8740 Blue River/Tell Me Way

47-8780 Frankie and Johnny/Please Don't Stop Loving Me

47-8870 Love Letters/Come What May

We also found three gold standard (red label) sleeves for:

447-0647 (but mis-labelled as 47-0647) Blue Christmas/Santa Claus Is Back In Town

447-0651 Joshua Fit The Battle/Known Only To Him

447-0652 Milky White Way/Swing Down Sweet Chariot

In addition at Expo 67 held in Montreal the U.S. Pavilion was handing out Canadian red label copies of Fools Fall In Love/Indescribably Blue in a "special" sleeve". The 45 was the regular commercial release and not a promotional copy.

Many thanks to Robert Lee and Ron Lacourse for their assistance in compiling this page.

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